Welcome to A Shepherd’s Daughter

Hi there and welcome! Somehow you found my blog and I’m so glad you’re here!
I’ve been wanting to come back to the blogging world for awhile, but after so many sudden life changes, I just wanted to take take a break and relax. Until now.  I have been inspired by my new, old 124 year old house that my husband and I just purchased. We have a month to get it into semi-livable condition before we have to be out of our apartment. I’m sure by next year I will laugh about this situation after reading my posts about our process, but at the moment I’m stressed out! Floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom, you name it and we are renovating it. I’m sure the house will be the center of attention here on my new blog, but I will also be sprinkling in a few other posts here-and-there about other non-house related things.

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