The Story of the Cat Pee House

We finally outgrew our teeny tiny downtown apartment and needed more space. So, my husband (let’s call him P from now on) and I had been casually looking to buy a property for about a year and a half. We’d viewed a few places and even made an offer, but nothing that we both were really excited about. Now keep in mind that neither one of us nor our entire relationship has ever been very conventional, I mean we both moved to Guam at the start of our relationship. So when it came down to the place we wanted to buy, we were looking at mixed use commercial buildings, duplexes, and small apartment complexes. We were not looking for a forever home in the suburbs (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not for us at this point). We’d finally come to the point where we needed to refine our search a little bit:

  • a garage
  • something that needed repairs that we could manage ourselves
  • in the city/in an up-and-coming neighborhood
  • lots of rental potential

So on our day off my husband scheduled a couple of house viewings. The first was in an up-and-coming neighborhood south of downtown, not far from our jobs, and the second was west of downtown in a really nice neighborhood.

The first house had a security alarm so our realtor ran in to turn it off, but found people inside cleaning up. As he was telling them that we were there to view the home we looked around the neighborhood and it seemed OK. There were lots of cars parked all over the street and people walking around. The realtor came back to let us in and that’s when it happened. A whiff of the most putrid, disgusting, sour smell ever hit me in the face and I said to P, “Oh my God this place smells so bad, this is not the one!” As we walked through the house we were told the owner had cats. Uhh yea I could tell. The smell just got stronger and stronger. Along with the old, filthy, orange carpets and outdated kitchen I was kind of mad.  We went upstairs and into the massive unfinished attic, then out to the backyard where I met the neighbor, “Hola, buenos dias.” While we were walking around I had so many thoughts running through my mind, Why would P bring me to a place like this?! I didn’t want to be that person who couldn’t look past the cosmetic and smelly features that needed changing.  So I really had to try hard to imagine what it could look like and then I could totally see it! The house had so much potential and it was going to be beautiful.

We stopped at the second house and it looked great on the outside, the inside was awful. The floors were extremely uneven, the place smelled like mildew and the layout was a disaster. Plus it was more expensive than the cat pee house. We said thanks, but no thanks and went home. I told P that we should make an offer on the cat pee house.

Because of the condition of the house and it being an as-is cash only sale, we made an offer for half of asking. They countered at 75% of asking and we countered at 64% of asking. Then we waited.

One day after work P picked me up and drove me past the cat pee house and told me that our offer was accepted.


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  1. Lupe Mathews says:

    That is such a cool story of buying your first house as husband and wife! Wish I lived closer to see it!


    1. Antonia T. says:

      Hopefully you can come visit sometime…when the house is ready haha!


  2. Miriam Chaudhary says:

    Great start to what I’m sure will be a memorable adventure! Wishing you both the best!


    1. Antonia T. says:

      Thanks Miriam, it has been an exciting adventure so far!


  3. Joel Skok says:

    Nice! Hope to see more fotos soon, especially of the garage where the Golden Goblin will reside.


    1. Antonia T. says:

      Sadly, we didn’t get the garage that was on our list. Maybe we will build one in the future 🙂


  4. Virginia Kosydar says:

    I am happy for you. I know you Pat will transform it into a very nice home.


    1. Antonia T. says:

      Yes, I am so excited!


  5. Virginia Kosydar says:

    Tried to write Peter ( not Pat)


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