My Husband Has Fleas

Both realtors were shocked that the sellers accepted our low-ball offer. After accepting and agreeing to push the closing out two weeks, we had a lot to do. P started getting busy with scheduling a radon test of the basement and a home inspection. We also had to get the funds transferred, which required us filling out a large stack of paperwork, having them notarized, and mailing the packet.

During this time, the owner’s Power of Attorney was in the house trying her best to clean it out. On the day of the inspection, P discovered that something other than cats had been living in the house. “The inspection went well, but don’t freak out. The house is infested with fleas.” I was expecting him to say something else, but fleas in a house that smelled like 1,000 cats had been living there for 10 years, I wasn’t too surprised. Unfortunately we couldn’t do anything about the flea problem until the POA was out because she didn’t believe there were fleas and also didn’t want to be poisoned by a flea bomb.

A week had gone by since we sent in our paperwork for the funds and we hadn’t heard anything. Then P checked online and noticed that it said we had been denied the funds! Why? Because the spouse (me) hadn’t filled in the date on one document. I felt horrible, but at the same time I thought maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. P and I scrambled to resubmit the paperwork with just less than a week until closing. He checked the status everyday to see if our documents had been accepted. I realized that I, in fact, wanted the cat pea, flea infested house despite my initial cold feet. I was so excited to fix it up and make it my home. So the next few days were nerve-wrecking, as you can imagine. Finally, two days before closing we heard back that the documents had been accepted and our funds would be transferred in up to a week! What?! We didn’t have a week. We had two days! We called the bank and they confirmed that it could take awhile.

The night before the closing things weren’t looking too promising. The broker wanted to meet at the realtors office, check in hand, at 5pm the next day. Though we didn’t have the money, we were hopeful.

Friday came, the closing day, and P who leaves for work hours before I do sent a text. He said everything would be ok because the funds transferred and cleared that morning.

Later that day I left work early and headed to the realtor’s office. It had been raining all day and it was disgustingly humid. We were first ones to arrive.

This was my first time buying a house so I was feeling extra emotional and happy. P on the other hand had done this all before when he purchased his first house in Portland. When everyone had arrived the closing began. Because we didn’t have a mortgage, there were only two or three signatures needed, we handed over the check, and then we got the keys to our new, old house! I was a homeowner!

Before we left the POA told us that the owner, who was in hospice care, liked to garden and there were tons of beautiful rose bushes in the yard. We were also given the original Abstract of Title which goes as far back as 1845 for the record of the land.

Let the work begin…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill says:

    I know that both of you are working really hard to get the house into a move-in condition. Are the fleas gone?


    1. Antonia T. says:

      Yes they are, thank goodness!


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