Fleas, Raccoons, and Carpet

After the closing, our priority was to get the fleas and cat urine out. The fleas were so bad that the radon tester didn’t want to enter the house again and made our realtor retrieve his device.

We purchased tons of at home flea bombs, hoping we could take care of the problem ourselves. The first one that we used did nothing to the fleas, but it did make the baby raccoons that were living in our chimney run away (yes raccoons in the chimney!) After the 2nd one, I suggested we remove the carpet because maybe the flea bomb wasn’t penetrating through. P began ripping up the carpet and that’s when we discovered layers and layers of flooring. Carpet covering carpet, which was covering linoleum that was set on top of the original hard wood floors. Why did they do this?!

It was a tough job, but P removed the layers of flooring from all three rooms all by himself.

We tried one more flea bomb but the fleas were still alive and well.  We started to think that maybe they weren’t even fleas. For one, they weren’t biting us and two, they were pretty big. So P used tape to catch a few bugs and then contacted a professional, who confirmed that we had fleas. We were wasting time trying to flea bomb this place on our own, so we set up an appointment with the exterminator and it worked! I was finally able to go inside again, which was the first time since the initial walk through with the realtor. It was just as I imagined it, it even smelled a lot better with the carpet gone.

The old homes in Milwaukee are my favorite and now I have a piece of that with my 1893 Cape Cod/Bungalow (?).  I do love and appreciate the classic details found in our home, but I also don’t want to feel obligated to keep everything as it once was. So we decided that, although the hardwood floors are nice, we want a more modern and clean look. On top of that, each room has different wood and the bedroom, at one time, was two bedrooms, leaving a gap and different wood on each side.

With the fleas gone and the flooring out, we finally moved on to deodorizing and disinfecting.








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