Moles, Pocket Doors, and Tyvek Suits

I’ve been keeping a journal of my thoughts and things we’ve been doing during this process, here are a few early entries. Thanks for reading!

July 29, 2017

Today was my first day of real hard work at the house since it became ours. P has ripped out all the carpet and linoleum in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. My duties today are to pull up all the foam carpet padding, search for nails (but just found tons of what I think are bobby pins), and vacuum. The interior walls were made using lath and plaster, it can get very messy when the plaster crumbles, so I will be doing lots and lots of vacuuming.

It’s 75 degrees and the Tyvek suits that P insists we wear, don’t breathe. I am super sensitive/allergic to everything so I’m glad I have this suit on. This is an over 100 year old house and we’re not sure what we might find while we’re tearing out the floors and walls. I also have to wear a respirator, goggles, gloves, and for a little while knee pads but they hurt so I took them off.

We’ve ordered a pizza, our first official meal together in our new home. After dinner the goal is to get rid of all debris and disinfect/deodorize the downstairs. Wish us luck! We gave notice to our apartment manager that we will be moving and have just one month left before we have to move.

Update: We found original pocket doors that had been sealed up. This is very exciting to me, it almost feels like I’ve found a treasure. The first time I walked through the house,  I envisioned French doors in the empty doorway. Now that we’ve found the pocket doors, I feel really conflicted. They are in perfect condition, but I can’t imagine using them because that would make the dining room too dark. Hmmm…


July 30, 2017

Today when I walked up the sidewalk to the back porch, I noticed tons of small holes in the far back corner of the yard that I suspect are moles. Oh great. I hate moles.

Because I usually work until 6 or 7, my days of working on the home are limited. Today I finished up what I was doing yesterday–deodorizing the dining room and bedroom and more vacuuming. We have a pile of baseboards in the backyard, which really held a lot of odor. I wonder how many cats lived in this house.

Soon we will begin to take down the layers of wall paper. I’ve heard that, that can be a pain.

Although we have accomplished a lot since we bought the house, sometimes the amount of work that’s left to make the place livable seems daunting and the pressure to finish it by the time our apartment lease is up, is overwhelming. So far P has been really excited to put his skills to use and has a very positive outlook. I’m glad.

Updates: Fleas are 100% gone, urine smell is slowly going away, we found an unused, fancy, stainless steel oven range hood on Craigslist. Yay! Also, those holes I found, NOT moles.





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