P was very disturbed by the skunk sighting because he said the skunk wasn’t scared and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to run away. Our yard was becoming  a haven for woodland creatures and we needed to do something about it quick, before one of us (probably me, with my luck) got skunked. I found a wildlife control specialist who came by the same day. He immediately fixed our chimney cap, to keep any creatures out of there, and set up a skunk trap using a marshmallow rubbed in fish paste as bait.

A week or so had gone by and no skunks had been trapped, although; we did see one in our neighbor’s yard digging holes and, on another occasion, P spotted it walking through the alley. We asked our neighbor if he’d seen any skunks and he said he has lived here for 30 years and just saw a skunk for the first time. He said one evening his wife was sitting in their backyard and when he came out the skunk was walking around behind her! So he was hoping that we’d catch it soon. Those little guys are brave.

We checked the skunk trap multiple times a day until one day Peter went to the house by himself and there was a skunk in the trap! It was smaller than he had remembered, but there it was.

They took him out to a forest far, far away (they don’t kill the animals, for anyone who is concerned).

He decided to leave the trap a little longer just in case. Weeks had gone by and no sign of any skunks, just rabbits and squirrels. Then one night as we walked up the sidewalk I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a HUGE skunk digging holes! I started to scream, but covered my mouth so I didn’t scare him. He finished his digging and then ran away.

We couldn’t believe that we had two skunks! And this one was the one that P had seen originally. It was much bigger than the one caught and looked even slower. They actually look like cute, fluffy cats. So we waited, and waited and finally on the day that the animal control specialist was going to take the trap away, the big guy was caught!



Cat Pee


What’s next.






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