I Got Replaced!

While the skunk shenanigans were taking place, we were working hard on the house. Somehow I became in charge of vacuuming. I also helped P put up drywall and developed a newfound appreciation for construction workers. For two newbies, drywall is hard!

P finally decided that he needed a second pair of helping hands, other than mine. It could have been because I was working late and my days off didn’t coincide with his. Or it could have been because he dropped two heavy pieces of drywall on me, and a super old piece of wood with nails sticking out of it, or maybe because I had developed painful carpal tunnel in my hand from hours of vacuuming and scraping wallpaper. By the end of the week I had bruises and cuts all over and could barely even hold P’s hand. Whatever the reason, I was glad he was finally getting someone to help out. Plus the work that he needed help with was stuff that I physically couldn’t do and wouldn’t be much help. So through a contractor he knew, came a young man to help out.

Together, along with a coworker, they tore out the decommissioned chimney, which I think was once used for a wood stove. The idea was that by doing this, it would relieve stress off of the bowing floor in hopes of evening out the house.

Once the bricks were out, P set up two-20 ton bottle jacks in the basement, next to the support columns, and after a few days we started to see cracks in the bedroom walls–signs that the house was moving in the right direction!


They also began gutting the bathroom, made multiple trips to the dump, purchased tons of dry wall, primed the floors, did more deodorizing, cleaned up debris, pulled out the pocket doors (which will be repurposed), and moved us from our apartment to the house. They accomplished a lot and I’m okay with being replaced!

During that time I was working a lot so I didn’t make it to the house very often. P would stay late at the house while I packed up all the stuff in our apartment.

Time was ticking and we started to realize how big of a project this house actually was becoming.




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  1. Virginia Kosydar says:

    Wow.just like fixer-upper. It’s going to be so worth it.


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